Benefits of Certification

Earning a CCRN Certification will take time and cost money. A critical care nurse will need to spend time preparing for the exam by practicing sample questions and reviewing medical terminology and procedures. A nurse will also have to pay a fee to sit for a CCRN Certification exam. However, the benefits of earning a certification far outweigh the costs.

A CCRN certification can help distinguish you from your colleagues. Critical care and acute care nurses are typically licensed RN’s or APRN’s. These licenses are proof that a nurse has met the requirements needed to practice. A certification takes these credentials to the next level. You have tremendous knowledge and experience caring for critically ill patients. Your work shows your dedication to the nursing profession, but you want additional proof to show you have what it takes to excel as a critical care nurse. You voluntarily take a CCRN exam to show just how competent you really are.

There are many benefits to earning a CCRN certification. Here are just a few of those benefits.

    • Confidence – Earning a CCRN certification helps boost a critical care nurse’s confidence in his or her abilities. These nurses deal with life and death situations day after day. They must be able to quickly react to changing situations. Earning a CCRN certification helps nurses become more confident in their decisions, treatment courses, and patient interactions.
    • Employment Opportunities – The healthcare market is competitive. Hospitals want to make sure they are offering the best patient care, so they need to hire the best people. A CCRN certification will help you stand out from other job candidates. A certification shows you are not only dedicated to the nursing profession, but you are extremely competent. You are also extremely motivated. It was not enough to just earn a license. You voluntarily spent time studying and taking an exam to prove you are highly proficient in your field. This type of motivation and dedication will transfer over to your nursing job. In fact, with travel nursing jobs, you can work anywhere in America you choose.


  • Respect Among Doctors and Coworkers – Critical care nurses and doctors work closely together. The nurse will monitor the patients and report back to the doctor when significant changes occur. Critical care nurses want doctors to respect their knowledge and findings. A CCRN certification can help you earn that level of respect. You will be more confident in your abilities. Nurses with a CCRN certification are respected by other nurses. A certified nurse may become a leader in the ICU. Other nurses may turn to them for help with difficult situations or ask for guidance with a particular patient.
  • Peace of Mind for Patients – It is very difficult to have a loved one in an intensive care unit. This is an extremely stressful time for patients and their families. Will the patient be able to recover from his illness? Will there be life-long impacts from the illness? A patient and his family want to make sure he is receiving the highest quality care possible. Being cared for by a CCRN certified nurse will help give them that peace of mind.