CCRN Certification Introduction

Congratulations on deciding to learn more about a CCRN certification. Your commitment to patient care and dedication to learning is commended. Earning a CCRN Certification will distinguish you as a professionally competent critical care nurse who is dedicated to providing the best in patient care.

This website was designed with you in mind. We want you to succeed and have provided the critical information you need to know in order to earn a CCRN Certification. Plus, we have included free practice questions for the Adult CCRN exam.

This website will help you learn more about:

  • General Exam Information – Use this brief overview to learn about the different CCRN certifications you can earn, how the exams are developed, the types of exam questions asked, and how long the certification is valid.
  • Eligibility Requirements – The AACN (American Association of Critical Care Nurses) administers CCRN certifications. They have set strict eligibility guidelines. Use this section to learn about the licenses needed and hours required for a CCRN certification. Plus, learn about factors that will automatically disqualify you.
  • Registering – Use our step by step plan to help you register for a CCRN certification. Learn where you can take the exams, exam fees, how to schedule an exam, and cancellation policies.
  • CCRN Adult Exam – Understand the types of questions that will be asked on the adult exam. Not every question will be age specific. Learn about the different categories you need to be knowledgeable in and the passing score you must earn.
  • CCRN Pediatric Exam – Learn about the types of questions asked, including the percentage of questions asked about specific categories. Learn the specific topics you will answer questions about and the scores needed to pass the exam.
  • CCRN Neonatal Exam – Get a better understanding of the categories and topics included on the neonatal exam and the score you need to earn. Use the percentage breakout to help you tailor your study plan.
  • Exam Scores – Did you know that not every exam question will count towards your overall score? Learn how the exams are scored. Are there penalties for guessing? Plus, learn valuable tips for the computer-based version of the exam. Hint – you don’t need to get stuck on one particular question.
  • Benefits of Certification – Earning a certification will help benefit your career. However, earning a certification is not just for you. Understand why your employer, doctors, coworkers, patients, and their families value CCRN certifications.
  • Renewing a Certification – Your CCRN certification will only be valid for a few years. Learn the steps you need to take in order to renew your certification. You will not want to wait until the last minute to renew your certification.